We all have seen those trailers sitting on the side of the road with a for sale sign on it or maybe found one on Craigslist.  This is a tale about the trailer that found Bill.

Timeline… Early April: At the Kings Mountain event, a nice lady approached Bill to tell him that she had an “old trailer” that she would like to get rid of.  You see her father was a bit of a pack rat and had pulled it home 40 years ago and built a building around it.  He had since passed and the family was cleaning up the property.

Timeline… Mid April

Bill and Jen set out on a bright sunny Saturday morning to go an see the Trailer in Mayo, SC.  After driving 2 hours to see it, they found out it was a 1950 (ish) Lenz Craft.  It was approximately 18 ft long with a very unique floor plan.   There was no way to get the building down that day so they spoke with the owners daughter and put a deposit down.  They discussed their upcoming schedule and it was determined that the family would remove the building so that it would be easier to get the trailer unearthed.

May… June… July… August

Plans were made for a group of us to meet Bill and Jen in Mayo to help unearth the trailer.  Kevin & Kevin offered to bring their 4 wheel drive truck in case we needed it,  John offered his assistance and Kim came to document it all for this post.

Heading to Get the Trailer

Getting ready to head to Mayo.  Always make sure you are prepared with the appropriate tires, air tank, jack, PB Blaster, towels, etc!

Ready to go  IMG_6785

8:45 AM – What do we have?

Upon arrival we realized that this might be a bit more of a challenge than any of us originally thought.  The trailer sat perched in it’s location at the back of the yard for the last 40+ years.   With the building gone, we could see the trailer for the first time.  There was a broken window in the back and a crack in another but it looked pretty sound.

IMG_6767  IMG_6768

9AM – Lets Get Started

After taking time to view as much of the trailer as possible, we set out to remove the skirting and see what was under it.  As you can see there trailer was setting on a few cement blocks and was surrounded by mature trees, fencing and shrubs.

IMG_6773  IMG_6775  IMG_6778  IMG_6776

10:00 AM – It’s Getting Warm

By 10:00 the skirting had been removed and everything was ready to move… we hoped.

IMG_6784 IMG_6786 IMG_6787

We aired up the tires… and they held SURPRISE!  We began to jack up the tongue to get it ready to go on the truck and we hear a pop.  The frame cracked at the drip line.  This is not that unusual and isn’t a difficult fix once the trailer is on solid ground.  At this point we are unsure if it’s even towable safely.  Now it’s time to move it and find out!

IMG_6790 IMG_6791

10:45 AM – Will it fit through the gate?

Well it moved safely, and after taking apart the picnic table we were able to get it out of the yard.

IMG_6805 IMG_6808 IMG_6810

We repacked the wheel bearings and put on new tires before moving it onto the street. Make sure you slowly remove the cap and remember many of the old caps are screw on.  Finish the last bit by hand!



Remove the tire and repack the bearing with grease before you put the cap back on.

IMG_6818  IMG_6820

11:40 AM – On the Road Again

This trailer had not been on the road for more than 40 years but today she was once again free to travel the country.  A few repairs, a new family and countless memories await her!

IMG_6825 IMG_6827 IMG_6829